Elliot Stoll, purveyor of rad things.

Elliot Stoll

Product Management Consultant

I’m a Product Manager and Project Manager. I’m passionate about user experience and helping companies make their users happy. I’m here to help you understand how to build the best possible product for you and for your users.

My Story

I started my career in technology, earning a degree in Computer Electronics Engineering, but quickly went from a purely technical role to Technical Product Manager where I was performing Product Management and project management duties alongside technical duties like defining specifications and qualifications processes. Along the way, I started working with the sales team to alleviate customer headaches, which got me thinking about user experience. Since then, I’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, small businesses, startups, and non-profits, always with an eye on what their users and customers want, always thinking about ways to make every project and product a success.

Build Rad Things

My core drive is to put something good into the world, so I’m always on the lookout for new projects that speak to me either as something that’s good for the world and the people in it, or occasionally make me say, “wow, that’s rad!”

I Can Help

I specialize in helping visionary leadership teams build products that have happy users; I’ve worked with an amazing array of businesses to help them create and improve awesome products and cool experiences. If you have a product that you are designing, building, or improving, let me know how I can help you make it a success.